How to fit my rambles into five minutes

Well, after a really ludicrous and unnecessary ammount of preperation for this presentation for Digital Media Context I’ve finally decided I’ve done enough research for it. I’ve put down the textbooks and I’m getting on with making a relatively shiny looking powerpoint now.

Here’s a little preview of how it’s looking so far, really rough and minimal, but I think that’s best. It’s just another chance to practice my skills in layout and type. Or lack of skills, whatever really. I do want to mess around more with type to be honest, it’s a particularly weak spot of mine, which is bad as it’s meant to be a relatively strong spot for many graphic designers.
The trouble I have with the presentation is length. I’m debating injecting some humour into it, but if I do it’ll almost definitely run over a good 20 or so slides, probably way too many to knock out the way in 5 minutes. But otherwise it’s a really dry and boring presentation, lacking in personality pretty sorely. Guess this must be what it’s like being constrained by time when presenting to a client. Good practice again?

Listening to: Forget You All The Time by Cloud Nothings


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