Layouts are tough…

Well, next week is Pitch Week. “What the hell is that??” I hear you scream… well, firstly don’t be such a melodramatic prat. Secondly it’s basically a week we get off of lectures to present our work to other students on the same course, over all year groups, and share what work we’ll be doing over the next semester. We meet back up for ‘Crit Week’, so people can see if we’ve been lazy or not, and judge us accordingly.
Here’s the presentation file, which I’ve been working on over the course of today.

I could spend literally 10 minutes on it and have all the information I need on it. But it’s taken me the past 4 hours or so, basically because I’m treating it (like the Digital Media Practice presentation) like an exercise in layout design, effectively designing each slide like a magazine spread in some way. I’m just sort of feeling out whatever looks best, but it’s pretty damn difficult, without any resources to look at, or anybody giving me advice. Hopefully if I get an interview and even into Graphic Design at Duncan of Jordanstone then I’ll get tutorials on it? Who knows, fingers crossed, it’s just the kind of thing I’d really like to work more on.
But it’s looking pretty shiny, so I’m calling it done and moving back to the Digital Media Practice presentation. The reason I got it done now is I’ll be away most of the weekend in Glasgow, seeing the big bro & co! So nice to have a weekend off work finally..

But next week won’t be totally free. We’ll also be presenting our personal project to Chunk Games again, showing them what progress we’ve made since seeing them last. Which is, thinking about it, not too shabby an ammount. Establishing colour schemes, exploring the use of texture, conceptual animations, menu designs and more environment concepts should give us plenty to show to Chunk. Just so long as we’ve made enough progress in relation to the other teams.
It’ll be a busy week getting all that prepared, and I might whip out another snazzy presentation layout design, but we’ll see… I’ll post on what progress we make.

Listening to: Only In Dreams by Weezer


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