When I grow up I wanna… design things…

I ordered another couple of graphic design books last week, and one came through the other day, shown below, called “How to Create a Portfolio and Get Hired: Portfolio Skills for Graphic Designers and Illustrators”. Catchy shit, huh? I haven’t had a proper chance to read through it, but I’ve been thinking over my general options quite a lot over the past few days, which sounds pretty daunting… mostly because it is.

[How to Create a Portfolio and Get Hired: Portfolio Skills for Graphic Designers and Illustrators by Fig Taylor (Laurence King Publishing)]

I’m not entirely sure what dicipline I want to specialise in within graphic design, but ideally I’d love to go into magazine design and publishing and layout design. Maybe it’s my recent subscription to LittleWhiteLies, or my nostalgia for my 6th year Graphic Communication project at school, but it seems like a really cool thing to go into.
I just think there’s something definitively appealing about having your work in a physical tangible form, and there’s nothing that provides that in the way that publishing does.

I might have mentioned it a few times already, so sorry for the repition, but I’ve applied to Duncan of Jordanstone, to enter into the 3rd year of graphic design. I’m yet to hear back from them, but it’d be a fantastic place to study, because as much as I love all the lovely folk at Abertay (and they are all awesome) I think it’d be more beneficial and relevant to study in a proper dedicated art college, and be around others who’re looking to go into graphic design instead of delve into more interactive realms.
If I get in then I’ll hopefully get a module on magazine or newspaper design, so that’ll be a great learning experiance in that field. If not I’ll stick with Abertay, and look into making my 4th year honours project relate to the publishing design industry. Self-teaching myself such a thing will probably result in crapper results, but we’ll wait and see what happens. I’m yet to find out if I’ve got an interview for DoJ yet, so fingers crossed.

But on the topic of magazine design, here are a few good articles and websites on the subject. I’ll also need to learn how to use InDesign, which I’ve barely ever used before. Which isn’t a good start. But here’s a good article for tips on using InDesign:

Here are some seriously beautiful examples of magazine design:

Computer Arts magazine (a good publication and research point in and of itself) wrote this great little article on the subject too:

And finally here’s a website dedicated to the art of magazine layouts in general:

Obviously I don’t need to decide definitively that this is my future career, what I will be doing for the rest of my life, forever. This is just something I have my eye on for now, something worth researching, and practicing.

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