Whatever You Do, Don’t Use Bodoni

I’ve been working more on research for my D&AD project once again (you’ll be sick of hearing about it) I haven’t been posting up about other projects much namely because I’ve figured them out more than I have this one. I’ve always treated my blog like a digital sketchbook and this year’s no exception.

So long as I can avoid the typical trope of fashion to use and abuse Didot and Bodoni I think I’ll be okay. Though if all the winning entries are Didot and Bodoni I’ll slightly freak out.

November 19th - Bodoni

Well, I’ve been meaning to write those 100, 30 and 3 words for my D&AD entry. Well here they is! They’re likely to change thanks to my concepts not being full hammered out yet, but in the meantime, enjoy! Y’know, as much as you can enjoy a limited ramble about brand values that are currently a work in progress. Yeah.

Dressing The Screen is an exhibition to spark conversation in the fashion and film community and to showcase Britain’s influence on the medium.

The identity for the exhibition is elegant, clean and minimal. It focuses on the beauty and benefit in the migration of ideas, and ties this in imagery connoting the production of fashion items and the craft of fashion design. The identity will be every changing and animated to suggest the filmic element to the exhibition.

Colour will tie each identity in with the country which it is taking place in, to suggest cross-pollination of culture.

Then cutting it down to 30 words tends to get to the crux of the idea.

Dressing The Screen is an exhibition to spark conversation in the fashion and film community, focusing on the beauty and benefit of cross-pollination of cultures and ideas.

Then I need to figure out a 3-word slogan, though I’m not entirely fussed about a slogan considering the things that make great slogans, like wordplay or word choice, almost definitely wouldn’t hold up in translation. The brief does stress the identity should be imagery-led, and so I’m sticking with that as a good enough excuse.

Listening to: Bad News by Owen


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