30 Motion Studios – Week 7

Well, here it is, the end of the 30 Motion Studios series. It’s been swell, it’s been a journey for sure. But I thought I’d finish off with mostly freelancers. It’s a model which seems to work for many animators and directors more and more nowadays, hiring oneself out to different studios. In fact some studios have no directors in-house, and always work with a select set of freelancers. It’s a funny way of running things.

Lilit Hayrapetyan
LA art director and 3D artist. Has also worked with Prologue Film.

Charmaine Choi
New York-based director, who worked on a promotional campaign for Blue Man Group, which used online film to convince those skeptical about the show. She also worked on a campaign for Kraken Spiced Black Rum. The brand story was told through “scientific” documentaries, a scientific book, outdoor billboards, an app, and an interactive website.

Courtesy of Random Thought Patterns

Courtesy of Random Thought Patterns

Random Thought Pattern
Filipe Carvalho’s moniker, a director who started off with a long career in design. Works in broadcast and film work but also in branding. Motion branding is a potential more fully realised here.

Physalia Studio

Physalia Studio

Physalia Studio
Madrid-based film and motion graphics company. They work in broadcast but have a portfolio which heavily leans towards events promotion and identity. Which is an interesting lean to a portfolio!

Double G Studios
Small London-based studio. They work with broadcast mostly but have also worked with Wired magazine for online issues of their publication, which require shorter and smaller peices of motion to introduce content.

Yellow Shed
Duo of two directors, designers and illustrators. They work on a variety of projects, from film end sequences to simple animated online web adverts. They even produced a Thanksgiving greeting for one company.

Specialising in motion graphics for the games industry, both to promote video games and for use in video games. They also produce branding for these video games companies quite often. This is a great example of a motion graphics studio who is specialised not because of their work but because of their market.

Thanks for reading any of this series (or all if you’re really brave). I hope it’s a decent cross-section of the most successful motion graphics studios operating both here, in the US and Europe, and that each has its own personality and specialisms. It’s those specialisms I’m wishing to pick at and investigate for my final essay. Better get to writing.

Listening to: Some of Lisa’s music. It’s confusing.


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