30 Motion Studios – Week 6

Almost there. Also I perhaps fibbed. I say there’s 30 of these motion studios I’ve been looking into, there maybe be one or two new ones added to the list…

Large London agency who stand right on the border between motion work and branding, making them integral to one another. Examples of their work include More4 and BT’s own TV package BT Vision. They have also created this sort of work for a magazine, interesting considering the direction they are now going in.

Large international agency, predominantly working in broadcast, on live show identities (very important for live shows) and TV commercials and channel promos.

Courtesy of Plenty and Nickelodeon

Courtesy of Plenty and Nickelodeon

Argentinian-based international studio, with roots in advertising. They predominantly work on broadcast material but also work on some print work that is commissioned by other agencies or marketing firms.

Sander Van Dijk
Works at Buck in New York, but also works by himself on a lot of event promotional work, and on some broadcast and TV work. Much more motion-graphics oriented than other examples here.

Onur Senturk
Turkish title designer and director, working mostly in film title sequences and commercials.

Ash Thorp
Designer and art director, working at Prologue Film mostly with design titles and logotypes and brand assistence for films.


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