30 Motion Studios – Week 5

Another aspect I was really interested in when studying studios to cover in my research was their location. Do you have to be a London company to get the good clients? Does it help? And is motion graphics in the UK ahead or behind the international market? I’d say we’re going pretty good, as proven by…

London-based agency specialising in film titles, TV titles, commercials and branding. They have worked on titles for Fresh Meat, Luther, An Education and 30 Days of Night.

Painting Practice
A small London based-agency, working in direction, animation and VFX. Highlight project is their work on the Channel 4 show Black Mirror, whereby an animated character was integral to the story of a live-action show. The produced these in-show graphics and worked on title sequences for the show.
They also work storyboarding and concepting commercials rather than producing them in-house, which is an interesting angle to work from.

Courtesy of Eat My Dear

Courtesy of Eat My Dear

Eat My Dear
Austrian studio, a more straight motion graphics company, specialising in TV packages including show branding, title sequences and transitions and wipes, as well as any in-show animations.
They also created projection mapping for a launch event for Experis’s Gashoulder in Amsterdam, in collaboration with PostPanic.

Nando Costa
Single designer, working across illustration, directing work and animation. Works mostly on promotional spots, campaigns, event and award graphics, idents, music videos and art videos. Take a look at his work for Target, which instead of being showcased like a normal commercial is being shown on large screens throughout California at events and in select locations along with other artists’ work.
He also, along with a number of other artists, worked on interactive pieces for in the ‘Coca-Cola’ museum.

Dersigner and 3D artist who creates work for promotional launches, art installations and video games companies like Geurilla Games. This branding almost worked like a TV networks, including a full sting treatment. Interesting approach.


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