30 Motion Studios – Week 4

Week 4, you must be getting sick of watching showreels! Unless you’ve given up yet. In which case I’m sure you aren’t reading this.

National Television
Motion graphics and 3D studio specialising in motion graphics for TV commercials, music videos and TV packages.

3D editing and motion studio who specialise in film title sequences, broadcast design, games promotions and cutscenes and commercials.

Hush NYC
VERY interesting studio – Hush are a digital agency more interested in creating interactive commercial peices to immerse consumers. One project involved creating live animated visuals from live data taken from the US Open Tennis Grandslam.
They also made perhaps the first interactive digital board ad ever for Nike.
Also see their work for kids brand Chicco, where they allowed parents to upload videos of their kids saying the brand name and then showed these clips on a billboard in Times Square. A photo was then taken of each child automatically and sent back to the parent. All of this was finished with charming motion graphic work.

CG effects warehouse specialising in promotiional animated films for games and TV.

Courtesy of Spacejunk Media

Courtesy of Spacejunk Media

3D and motion graphics studio who work in broadcast, motion branding, conference and event graphics. They also worked on instructional videos for Kickstarter to explain their purpose to new users.


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