30 Motion Studios – Week 3

Continuing my search through some of the world’s best, biggest and brightest motion graphics studios I thought I’d actually start linking through to their sites. It’s interesting seeing what projects they place the highest on their portfolio, or most frequently in their showreels. It isn’t just a matter of what’s their most recent project, it has to hold some personal satisfaction, or boast a particularly noteworthy client  or method of execution. It’s a great indicator of what direction the studio wish to head in, as what they advertise will attract people who want more of the same.


Brazillian agency who work in commercials mostly. They class themselves as an animation and design agency but work with other directors most of the time. They have produced numerous ads for charitable groups.

A Dutch studio mostly working on commercial and music video work. One highlight project was creating a projection mapped animation for a theme park. They also created graphics for Massive Music’s 10 year anniversary. They work with a number of clients to make campaigns across TV, online and print. They have also taken a role in branding and visualising a TV show in Holland, as one project.

Courtesy of PlusOne Amsterdam

Courtesy of PlusOne Amsterdam

Plus One Amsterdam
Design and animation studio, working with online commercials and TV packages, which includes show brandings, titles and in-show animations. They also helped promote TED Europe one year.

3D animators working for commercials and film. They also work on exhibition material. One interesting project was creating three short spots to be shown during a Boss showcase. Maybe fashion events like this could be a good arena for motion work.

3D and editing motion studio, who work on commercials, mostly. They have produced in-flight graphics and promotion for airlines, webfilms for marketing campaigns, awards graphics,
They also do a lot of stuff for car manufacturers.


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