30 Motion Studios – Week 2

I’m continuing my weekly research of motion studios around the world. Last week I delivered 5 doozies, so here’s the next batch. Take a look.

Brazillian design and animation studio with backgrounds in broadcast, branding and animation. They came together to offer the full package and work mostly on local advertising graphics.

Courtesy of Tendril and Rdio

Courtesy of Tendril and Rdio

Canadian design and animation studio, specialising in all kinds of motion (2D, 3D, type animation, motion graphics, etc etc.)
Worked with Rdio, an online music channel who wanted a piece of motion for every day of the year, quite like an online ident.

Tronic Studio
A duo with a background in architecture their background comes from interior and building visualisations. They also built a short announcement video for Samsung when they announced their Olympic partnership to give it extra punch. They also produced an online animated series fir ‘Gaia Online’. They also produce interactive media and video installations for promotional events and even museum exhibitions.

Courtesy of Blacklist and Hertz

Courtesy of Blacklist and Hertz

A NY production studio working with animation, interactive and art motion graphics. They produce works from music videos to commercials. A highlight project is their digital billboard in Times Square for Blackberry.

Mass Market
A film production company with motion graphics artists. They work mostly in commercials.


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