30 Motion Studios – Week 1

Over the past few days I’ve taken a look into some of the most remarkable motion, VFX and animation studios. I’ve compiled a top 30, and seen how they work in the context of the whole industry. Forcing a whole list of 30 studios on you in one sitting is a little intense, so here’s the first 5. Many thanks to Playdead for giving me the tip-off on a lot of these awesome artists.

Courtesy of Zeitguised and Absolut Vodka

Courtesy of Zeitguised and Absolut Vodka

Large 3D animation and 3D illustration studio, based globally and working for large clients such as Bacardi and MTV. They produce more art based motion-work exhibited in galleries across the world, and as part of installations.
This artsy feeling almost definitely has given them an edge when pitching to cooler clients like MTV. They also produce 3D images for editorial use.

Large international 3D house, much like The Mill, who specialise in promotional film for adverts and video games. They also help driect and conceptualise some marketing campaigns for these projects.
A highlight project is working on a augmented reality special issue of Esquire magazine, where users held the magazine to the screen to watch videos from actors inside.
For a marketing campaign for coke they made an animation, put each frame onto a t-shirt and then allowed users to upload a photo of themselves wearing the t-shirt to assemble the animation.
For Fanta they produced an animated and real graphic novel over a number of digital platforms, telling the story from a different angle each time.
They also created a digital accompaniment to a documentary which played almost like an animated documentary.

Courtesy of Gmunk and FITC Amsterdam

Courtesy of Gmunk and FITC Amsterdam

A motion graphics artist and director who has experience in lecturing and has worked with the likes of Imaginary Forces.
Typically has worked on ‘show packages, theme and motion design for shows and channels which encompass more than just one video, but create an identity, almost like motion branding.
A highlight project is the identity he created for FITC Amsterdam, a design and technology event, where he built a motion graphics object, and created idents, posters and promos through.

The Ronin
A design director, working in commercial video, and narrative film production. Has worked on title sequences for OFFF festival and commercials for Sky. His work for Else Mobile crossed the boundary between TV commercial and web promo.

Group of filmmakers and directors who primarily work on music videos such as Queens Of The Stone Age’s Go With The Flow.

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