Why Having A Launch Video Can Make Or Break You.


Mere hours after Tokyo was announced as the host city for the 2020 Olympic games this video emerged online, depicting Zaha Hadid’s proposed design for the games’ stadium. And frankly it looks stunning.

We do love a good teaser. It’s a great way for companies to blow their smoke about how their achievements and upcoming plans. It’s an easy branding exercise that generates hype in a relatively simple, narrative form. If only it always worked out that way. Did you watch all the way through the Tokyo Olympics video? Or did you stop half way expecting the whole rest of the video was more of the same “this will be epic” sort of vibe, but nothing else new? Some of these launch videos are frankly self-indulgent. Much like any other kind of marketing it needs to be about the consumer, not the company. Why would you listen to somebody talk about themselves all day? Reverse it. Focus it on the consumer’s experience.

Another, more corporate example of this is a recent video by HP, who recently teased us with a rather dashing rebrand before backing out completely. Backing out is acutally putting it rather lightly.

Again, it’s a little self-indulgent. Motion graphics for the sake of it is a misapplication of resources, even worse, it can be counter–productive, as after watching a video like the one above some could, reasonably, consider HP as pretty far up their own ass (that’s the technical term). Instead why not use motion graphics to demonstrate ideas, to make things clearer.

This video (the last one, I swear) is for a company called Ripple, and instead of being pretty bullshit  it’s an actual explanation of their purpose and intentions. Something to support and construct the brand. There’s a definite art to producing a teaser which actually gets people excited about something. Michael Bay’s films are total trash, but I somehow get excited for them every time I see a trailer for a new Transformers film. So does motion graphics need more Michael Bays?

This is how a launch video can make a company.


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