How To Know Which Broadcasters Need Motion Graphics.

Courtesy of Sól Musica and Lumbré

Courtesy of Sól Musica and Lumbré

If you’re working in video then it seems an obviouss career route to go into TV. Motion graphics falls into this particular pattern all too often. Most motion graphics studios tend to depend on strong ties with a major network, BBC, STV, Channel 4 or UKTV. The issue then is it becomes a matter of “it’s who you know.” This would make it notoriously difficult to start from scratch in the industry of motion graphics, but studio’s dependancy on broadcasters is understandable. The volume of the workload they require is constant and never-ending. Nor does it lull dependent on current events or seasons, unlike working on motion graphics for launches, events or corporate promotion.

Some networks also require a lot more motion work than others. Take exhibit A, the newly rebranded Sól Musica, a Spanish music channel whose new motion work frankly makes my jaw hit the floor at a pretty dangerous speed. Find a selection of the work produced for them below.

Courtesy of Sól Musica and Lumbré
Courtesy of Sól Musica and Lumbré

Courtesy of Sól Musica and Lumbré

The lines between motion graphics and animation are blurred enough already, but Sól Musica comes and stamps on it with big doc martins. The more clean, graphic elements are slathered in lush, electric animation.

This electric feel is why I wanted to highlight this rebrand, executed so beautifully by Argentinian agency Lumbré. This nature of this motion work ties in so perfectly with the personality of Sól Musica that no other approach would have worked. Skimping on the animation budget would result in the channel appearing lifeless in comparison to the hyperactive, sugar-addled, rock and roll personality it was trying to achieve. The channel’s animation is lush but justifiably so, it’s something that not only enhances the branding, it embodies it. A channel about gardening might not require the same level of visual vibrancy. to stay on-brand. Some networks just need motion work more than others.

Courtesy of Channel 4 and Man Vs. Machine

Courtesy of Channel 4 and Man Vs. Machine

London-based studio Man Vs. Machine, who produced idents for 4seven and branding for More4, take this one step further, by being a fully integrated motion and branding studio. As motion becomes more increasingly prevelent in branding it consequently has to consider branding more in the design of their work. This means the approach of integrating motion integrating animation in–house might be the way forward.

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