How To Write Up A Brand.

I’ve posted up a ludicrous amount about my childrens online channel without actually posting anything about my progress. Well that’s because there isn’t any.

That would be an easy blog post, but alas, I can’t get off that easily. I wanted to nail what the brand itself was before going for making animations and doodles and monsters and making all the money. After the TED talks in particular I looked at how to express the brand values. I need to figure out how to phrase why exactly I’m doing this, what I aim to achieve and the personality of the brand. I remember getting advice from Glasgwo-based agency Good Creative when working on a project for university. They said when trying to define what a brand’s direction should be it’s helpful to start by explaining it in 100 words, then 30 words and finally 3 words.

August 30th - BoB font

Courtesy of Burma-based typographer Zarni. A possible choice for logotype?


So this is exactly what I did. As a placeholder name I’m using Noodle. It’s a quirky reference to noodle being a nickname for your brain, but also as a reference to squiggly shapes every kid draws onto paper when first given a pencil. It’s a working title though. It’ll get better I’m sure. Find my 100 word rambling below.

Noodle believes in inspiring creativity in children. It’s not about right and wrong answers, but about encouraging a positive outlook on inventiveness and celebrating moments of inspiration; those “EUREKA!” moments.

Noodle does this through an online children’s channel, through animated and live-action stories and through play and participation. Noodle isn’t an entertainment channel, but an exploration channel, allowing kids to experiment and find their strengths and then nurture and celebrate this.

Furthermore it places no priority on any skill. Every talent, and every child, is valuable. And every child should have as much fun finding that out as is possible.

Courtesy of designer William Bayley Suckling. Another potential font? Nice treatment at least.

Courtesy of designer William Bayley Suckling. Another potential font? Nice treatment at least.

Dead on 100 words. If I have to teach these kids to count too I may be alright. Now for the 30 word attempt.

Noodle inspires children’s creativity, encourages invention and celebrates those “EUREKA!” moments of discovery. All this is delivered through an online channel that encourages kids to explore and experiment.

The it’s mostly a collection of synonyms for ‘create’. Now onto the 3 word summary of the brand. This is a little trickier. So I’m going to do the responsible thing and not do it right now. Thinking of important taglines at 11pm is behaviour best saved for later in the semester when I’m so stressed I’m weeping on a daily basis.

Hahaaaa, just kidding. Or am I.

Listening to: Things Are What You Make Of Them by Bishop Allen


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