Education Branding Just Got Super Simple

Courtesy of Lore

Courtesy of Lore

Lore (formerly Coursekit) have recently undergone a rebrand. As another education-related business I felt it was worth featuring, here on ye olde blog.

Loreis an online application that re-imagines the education experience for the Internet age by combining simple course management tools with social networking. Firstly the rename from Coursekit allows more flexibility to expand, and it speaks less of what the company itself does and gives more of a personality to the company. Lore is short, yet sweet. The logo carries this simplicity on. It’s just a circle and the four letters in a nicely characteristic slab serif typeface. It looks almost retro in the hot orange colour they’ve chosen too. Yummy yummy retro.

Courtesy of Lore

Courtesy of Lore

The simplicity of it perhaps makes it slightly carry the logo through branding collatoral, as the circle is the only element than can really be expanded on. I hope they choose to abuse their logo a bit, and twist and tweak it MTV-style.

The branding might not appeal to kids all that much. It’s not really aimed at kids, though this newfound simplicity definitely opens it up to more people. Afterall, who wants to say they use ‘Coursekit’? It sounds immensely dull. Lore? That’s something I can get a bit more excited about.

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