Children Forced To Brand Daycare… Sort Of.

Courtesy of Brand New blog and Catalpa

Courtesy of Brand New blog and Catalpa

I know what you’re thinking. It looks like a child drew it. Also what’s the crazy made-up word underneath the name Catalpa? Well it’s Dutch, you xenophobe.

This rebrand for the Netherlands-based daycare company is somewhat a mixed bag. The logo by itself looks clumsy and lazy, using a Comic Sans-esque font as a shorthand for children. The colours are nasty and primary, again simply as a shorthard for this being a business to do with children. But it’s definitely better than the logo before it. I mean, what is that?

However things change when the logo is applied to posters and adverts. All brand collatoral uses drawings by children or takes everyday objects and plays with them slightly.

Courtesy of Catalpa

Courtesy of Catalpa

I’m unsure if using the childrens’ drawings is a good idea or slightly lazy. Design professionals know what they’re doing, whilst children… hopefully don’t or I’m out of a job. But at the same time if a child picked up a leaflet with these kinds of drawings filling the pages then how would they react? Would they relate a little better?
Playing with everyday objects is a fantastic idea too, and conveys a sense of play that is really constructive, positive and essential in branding for kids.

But that logo… that LOGO…

Listening to: My Father in Hong Kong in 1961 by Gold Panda


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