E4 Squad Comes To Life!

I do neglect this poor blog. It tends to sit here, alone and abandoned for weeks at a time, and each time I vow I’ll change and stop neglecting it. Well this time I don’t care. It can do whatever. I don’t care.

Okay, well maybe I do, otherwise I couldn’t show off the fruits of my labor. And in this case it’s my laboriously time-consuming Esting. I managed to make the deadline by a few days at least, but the 10-second animation has been in the works on-and-off for a number of weeks now. The competition is incredibly strong, and I intend to post up a blog entry on the pick of the crop from this year’s vast selection of Estings on offer. But in the meantime all I wanna talk about is my one. I really am that self centered.

Last time I only showed you work-in-progress character designs. They’ve not changed an absolutely massive amount since then, but the overall animation itself has. The scene I intended to depict was a car chase focused on two Miami-Vice-style cops. One drops his doughnut, which flies, hits the car they are engaged with and obliterates it. We’re then left with the E4 logo in a sheen-ridden neon-pink E4 Squad 80s cliché. I’ll go more into the production in a later post. But for the meantime here’s the item in question, my Esting entry 2013.

I’m really happy with how it’s turned out. I’ve looked at almost every other entry though, and there are a lot of fantastic ones out there.

August 2nd - Estings Entry

It’s also really nice to see my entry posted onto the Estings website. It joins another 45 pages (720 entries) of diverse and increasingly mad entries from across the world. Hopefully my entry has enough personality to make it stand out, whilst not straying from E4’s brand values. I guess I’ll find out on the 8th August. I’ll cover the rest of the entries too, the ones I’d reckon will be chosen as finalists. That’ll be the next blog post I put here. Unless I decide to neglect this poor thing again… nah, I’ll be nice. For now.

Listening to: The Death Of YOLO by Joey Bada$$


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