The Perfect Motion Graphics Interview

I’ve been continuing my research for my Design & The Marketplace module over the past week, getting in touch with various professionals to gather some first hand research and qualitative information on my field of study – the application of motion graphics. I’ve been looking around both Scotland and internationally to try and gauge how motion graphics and it’s related professions are faring in the current economic climate and where it is flourishing.

Another project I worked on for the same module was interviewing Edinburgh-based design studio Elastic Creative. It was a fantastic experience, and they were all very welcoming, allowing us to visit them in their studios and offered a very open view of their way of working and their views on the design industry. It was this open honesty and blatant wealth of professional knowledge that really drew me to the idea of getting them involved in this part of the module, our personal research projects. I wanted to do something a little different though. I couldn’t go through to Edinburgh again, and I wanted to give Elastic and incentive to become involved, something that showcased their curiosity with new media.

The result of a day’s work in front of a camera and on After Effects is below. This is the start of my Elastic Interview.

The interview is an interactive YouTube Q&A. The A part isn’t there yet obviously, but I felt like YouTube was a fantastic format for the interview. It’s one of the main fighting grounds for motion designers and animation artists looking to branch out globally or onto social networks. It’s easy to share and allows for video responses. I’m unsure how Elastic are going to respond, but I’ve got a good feeling about it. Hopefully it’s gone down well with them!

Copyright Andrew Golden

Copyright Andrew Golden

More importantly this format allows the interview to be opened up to a much wider audience. With a little tweaking the interview could apply to anybody, making the video not so much a template for an interview but a skeleton for debate and discussion. The more people who get involved in this the better. So if you’re reading this or have any interest in design, or know anybody who does please – share the video around. Post video responses. Comment. Thumbs up or down. I wouldn’t just like to hear from you – I need to hear from you!

Listening to: Ghosts Are Good Company by Bishop Allen


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