Patterns Patterns Patterns Patterns Patterns Patterns

Well, it’s the last week of whisky before presenting it to Keith Forbes of Good Creative. So no pressure. I just need to finish everything. Well, okay, that’s a bit dramatic. Almost everything.

March 12th - Whisky Dev 2

I’ve had countless iterations of the packaging by now, so many bits and pieces of development but not a completed piece or mock-up. I’ll need a really polished one for next week to present, and I’m wanting to print the main label for the bottle, so I have something that Keith can handle and look at, something nice and tangible. At first I focused on depicting a night scene of the castle on the island with a firework towering over the scene.

Now I’ve gone for a heavily patterned design for the outer box. The patterns are meant to contain fireworks, stars and water. The firework denotes celebration, the brand’s central focus. The stars suggest nighttime is celebration time, it’s your time that you’ve earned, it’s Buadhmhor time. Finally the water represents not only the loch around which the whisky’s distillery is based but additionally drinking being a part of celebration, of this designated celebration time at the end of the day. It’s all factored into a pattern to give it a luxurious and ornamental quality, in a black, white and gold colour scheme to exude absolute luxury without coming across as pretentious at all.

I just need to tweak it to look just the way I want it to. It’s a fiddly process for sure, and part of me looks at the old box designs and prefers them, but it’s all about imagining how they’ll look physically. Shit hot, I’m hoping.

March 12th - Whisky Dev

Now I need to formulate some kind of marketing for the brand. It should branch pretty closely form the central tagline “It’s How We Celebrate.” The tagline is meant to give a sense of this is the definitive way to commemorate achievement, a taste of Scotland doing what it does best. More importantly it’s about the personality buying the whisky, how buying Buadhmhor defines you as a person. It has to be something dramatic and stylish, something almost challenging. But enough talking about what it should be. Let’s talk about what it is.

A lot of people are taking their advertising directly from their back story. If I did the same I could use the text I wrote for the back of the bottle. It was something along the lines of “We built a castle. We build the island it sits on. Now that’s something worth celebrating.”  The only issue is I feel this is getting away from the main tagline. It has to stem from the main line really.

Another idea was to show how other countries celebrate. Carnival in Brazil, parades in America, a beautiful meal in Italy and finish with Buadhmhor in Scotland. But then it doesn’t feel like it says Buadhmhor is the definitive way to celebrate.

Finally another idea was a campaign showing festivals and ceremonies from around the country, all permeated and topped off with cracking open a bottle of Buadhmhor. It would be almost a documentary on Scottish achievement. Could additionally take this to mean there’s no achievement without celebration. You don’t work as hard if you don’t have something worth working for – that thing at the end of the day that makes it all worth it. Yeah. That’s it. I think I like that idea. Now just to visualise hard work. Which is a little vague.

March 12th - Whisky Dev 3

Tonight I might actually have the good fortune of having the internet installed in my flat, which would be both miraculous and useful for actually producing this marketing. But the priority is making the label for the bottle itself, as I need to print it the next time I’m at work! Hopefully if I’m really really nice they might let me nick a sheet of nice Conqueror paper or something.

Oh, look at me, nerding out over paper. I’ll stop being all graphic designer dork in front of you and leave this post now, with a rather unsatisfying sudden endi–

Listening to: Look At That Cloud! by Vessels


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