Partay! Well, Not For Me Just Yet…

Well, it’s back to the whisky brief. Time’s now REALLY ticking, as apparently Keith from Good Creative is visiting for his final visit next week. No pressure. Executing this is turning out to be a total bitch though, if you’ll mind my French.

I had a feedback session with Gary today and showed him some ideas. I have typefaces and ideas for bottles and such, but apparently none of it really says ‘celebrate’. Which I can get, I can see what he means. But what does? Celebratory imagery is totally objective, unless you go for party hats. Plonking a party hat on top of my whisky bottle might jeopardize the whole ‘classy’ thing I’m hoping for.

It’s easy enough to think of marketing. My tagline is It’s How We Celebrate’. So why not show how other countries celebrate, carnival, parades, fireworks, and end it with whisky, like a statement of it being national pride. But for packaging it’s totally different, for packaging you’re ultimately looking for simple images, something universal, to use as a theme to run through the whole set of packaging. I’ve ditched the local wildlife (the birds and fish, not the mad locals) and ditched  the wood idea which tied in with the raft used to build the island around which the whisky is built. So how else do folk celebrate?

February 25th - Carnival

It varies from country to country. No doubt that celebration itself is universal, and ultimately it’s all about bringing people together and spending the time with your friends and family. This is the main universal element, but how do you show this without slapping on a picture of people having dull non-specific fun? Hell, that’s not allowed when advertising alcohol anyway! So lets look at individual countries. The rather feathery fun looking chaps in the image above are from Rio de Jeneiro in Brazil, taking part in  the annual carnival. Colours, music, drinks make sure general good times happen. And really that’s what this brand’s central theme. Good times. Of course carnival isn’t exactly Scottish.

February 25th - Parade

Another one is parades. It’s pretty linked to carnival in the first place, but it’s just a chance for people to be together and have a spectacle to look at. If I can make whisky seem like some sort of spectacle, to make it an important enough object to give it the same feel as parades and carnival then I’ve done my job right. Alternatively I could just put a giant Pikachu on the front label. Yeah, I like that idea more.

But the image that feels the most prevalent and universal so far would be fireworks.

February 25th - Fireworks

That’s them. Big dangerous things. Illustrating them isn’t the easiest thing, but they’re a public statement of celebration, of good times, especially here in Scotland where New Year’s is such an incredibly big event. Therefor creating a firework-filled sky illustration for the bottle design would echo the celebratory feel of the brand nicely. Having a night time theme to it also links to that drink at the end of a hard day’s work. The evening becomes your time, the time you’ve earned, celebration time. It’s quite a marketing-centric extrinsic approach but it could work.

Alternatively of what people have or use when they are celebrating I thought about what people do. Instead of objects I turned to actions. Raise a glass. Or applause. Or hands raised in the air. Hands are an image I explored ages ago, but going back to it may prove relevant again. Nevertheless the firework imagery has legs. Bigger legs. Stronger faster legs.

I also stumbled across these lovely packaging designs courtesy of my ladyfriend.

Courtesy of Stranger Studio

Courtesy of Stranger Studio

This bottle wrap idea could translate perfectly to this brand, making the bottle seem almost like a present or gift, accentuating the celebratory focus on the brand, increasing the important of this object even further and giving it a sense of elegance. The wrap if done wrong could look like a hobo’s paper bag, but if done half as nice as this I think it’s definitely worth looking into. Especially with such decadent typography and ornate designs such as with the above design.

Courtesy of Stranger Studio

Courtesy of Stranger Studio

I could almost take an art deco sensibility to the design itself, to capture that decadent and expensive nature I want to embue the brand itself with. Might as well start on the design itself today! Draw up a few mockups before actually printing anything out. And at the end of the whole thing I might get adventurous and try out this little trick. Well, time to run off and draw up some designs!

Also as a bonus I was looking for bottle shapes and bottles to buy to mockp-up the packaging with. Then I found this. TRUCK BOTTLE.

February 25th - Truck Bottle

Listening to: Sharp Practice by Circa Surivive


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