Whisky For Good. Sounds Like A Bad TV Show.

Well, at the moment I’m working on a couple of presentations. One is covering my interview with Elastic Creative, which I’ll share with you a bit more later in the week. The other is for Glasgow and London based Good Creative for my whisky brand I’ve been rambling so much about recently (cus I just love whisky, mmm-mm).

But I’ve got to think of how to summarise my thought process from the last blog. Think of how to structure the whole thing and tell the story of how I came to the central core themes of my whisky brand “Buadhmhor”. So I need to keep this post’s wordcount down. Here goes!

First: Why whisky? What makes us pour a glass? As ultimately that’s what we want people to do. Taking an interest in the history and process is good, but the first and main stage of investing in the brand is drinking the drink. Why do people do it? Whisky is an expensive item. A luxury. So when people drink it they are treating themselves and they are celebrating something. So why do we celebrate? Becuase we deserve it. Even if you drink whisky every day you do so because you earned it. You do so because you worked hard. You do so because you’ve achieved something.

Second: I looked to Lochindorb in Speyside. In the middle of the Loch is a castle built on what has recently been discovered to be an entirely manmade island. Gigantic wooden rafts were found, assumed to have been used in the construction of the island. The island still remains to this day. If this isn’t an achievement I don’t know what is! This is where I have decided to base my whisky, using the castle as an analogy for achievement and cause for celebration.

Gigantic wooden rafts have been unearthed, thought to have been used in the islands construction. The area is also full of wildlife, both birds and fish.

Third: I decided to name my whisky “Buadhmhor.” Buadhmhor is Gealic for successful or triumphant. The name rolls of the tongue and has a distinctly ‘whisky-esque’ feel to it. It ties it in with Scottish tradition whilst summing up the reason why people pick up whisky, as mentioned before.

Fourth: I’ll show of the 179 spiel I rang off the other day.

Buadhmhor is Gaelic for triumph. We named our whisky for what it stands for. For why we made it. Centuries ago our people built nearby Lochindorb Castle. They also built the island it sits on. And if that’s not an achievement worth celebrating then we don’t know what is. Buadhmhor is how we celebrate.

Lochindorb is derived from the Gaelic for difficult, yet the castle stands as a defiance of that name, to this day. Despite that our people’s proudest achievement isn’t the castle – it’s what we made after that’s the real achievement. Now we hand this, a whisky we’ve celebrated many a golden age with, on to you. With a flavour smooth and fruity enough for newcomers yet rich and complex enough that it’s been our drink of choice since the start of our story. From us to you, this is our biggest achievement. We got our hands dirty so you could put yours together with applause. We got our hands dirty so you could raise them, glass in hand, and find something of your own worth celebrating.

Fifth: The final board features the 30 word and 3 word summaries of the brand. My 3 word one isn’t just three words, but what the hell.

17 Word Summary

Buadhmhor is Gaelic for success. Making this is our real success. Drinking it is how we celebrate.

Final Brand Summary

Bhuahdmhor – it’s how we celebrate.

Courtesy of MontisVertex

Courtesy of MontisVertex

I changed it about a bit from my last blog post. The brand now stands for commemorating and celebrating achievement, all under the powerful analogy of the castle and the island it’s built on. I like the idea of the raft being unearthed, I could use driftwood patterns and imagery to fuel the visuals of the brand, along with the castle and hand images.

Hopefully Good Creative will think this is better than my original idea of ‘In Speyside no-one can hear you scream’. Alien whisky. Well, it’s a decent backup plan.

Listening to: All Caps by Madvillain


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