More Shiny Ident Work!

Well, here’s another wee post about my 4seven ident. Whilst, from the images, it may not seem like much progress has been made if you see the thing in motion you’d realise how much of a change had been made to the overall themes and relevance of the animation itself.

Copyright Andrew Golden

Copyright Andrew Golden

Copyright Andrew Golden

Copyright Andrew Golden

I had a small feedback session last Monday. When I spoke with the tutor he appreciated the slickness of animation and style but was concerned over the thematic relevance of the whole ident, whether it resonated the brand values quite enough. I felt it echoed what Channel 4 tend to brand themselves as but maybe not what 4seven specifically is, so looked to incorporate more that essential element – the conversation. What generates the schedule in the first place. And so I felt it was only right that if I already had two small characters, to make these two talk and signify that all important online discussion.

Stylising these otherwise bland text bubbles as social media entry form echoed this even more obviously, and the silly content on them will only really sink in after a large amount of repeated views, hopefully adding to the all-important rewatch factor. I even added other little references, such as a flock of twitter-inspired birds and a modem sound effect towards the end to signify the online connection in an iconic sound effect.
Sound got added just today, and it’s true – sound does help lift something up. Well, it depends, adding a backing track of Rick Astley might not exactly make it ‘pop’ in the way I’d want. Instead I opted for now defunct Canadian alternative group Ismism, and the song really compliments the quirky style of the visuals, whilst feeling light-hearted and not overbearing or spotlight stealing in any way.

Copyright Andrew Golden

Copyright Andrew Golden

I have another feedback tomorrow, so hopefully this iteration will go down a little smoother. This is really the final feedback, so I need to make my argument and justification for every aspect of the ident bullet-proof. Hopefully I can just keep linking it back to the core values of the brand, of innovation and digital revolution of ‘the box’ and that’ll hold my side of the argument. If not I might just set my own face on fire. No pressure.

Listening to: Half Painted Sky by Ismism


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