We got the interview!

A few posts ago I described how myself and the rest of my Design & The Marketplace group were aiming to approach Edinburgh-based design firm Elastic Creative. The blog post actually got a really positive response from Elastic. In fact it got us the interview we need for the module. I don’t want to give away too much before the interview itself and before we speak with the good folk over at Elastic, but watch this space.

We thought we’d try and show what our aims for the module were and say thank you to Elastic through a small minute-long video. It poses the question “Why?”. Why graphic design? Why do business in the way you do.

Then, to our surprise, over Twitter we got a reply. A video reply, very much in the same fashion as ours. The reply was brilliantly simple – we got the thumbs up. More importantly we got a specific date – tomorrow, 5th January at 3pm. We’ll hopefully be able to record the interview for reference and to broadcast what we can over social networking. The project is almost becoming a study in comunication and promotion through modern mediums, as so far we’ve used Vimeo, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube. It might be a nice idea to map out our communication by the end, if we have time.

We now need to consider what questions to pose to the guys at Elastic. How do they select people to work with them, on an internal basis, but even more importantly how do they want to be seen by clients? Is it difficult to attract a broad client base, and do Elastic feel they have found a particular niche to settle into?

The presentation, and end of our group project, is on the 20th, so as long as we tie up all the loose ends by then.

Listening to: Sleeps Alone by Two Door Cinema Club


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