Time To Panic!!!

Copyright Andrew Golden

Copyright Andrew Golden

Well, this is a pretty drastic jump from where I last was with my 4seven ident, but I felt it was time to really get the ball rolling with the project. Over half of the 5-week schedule has been taken up with concepting the entire ident, not even storyboarding. I’ve additionally committed a bit of a video sin – for now I’m running sans storyboards. As I said, I have maybe a week and a bit to finish this off, and additionally I’ll be out of Dundee on Monday evening, Tuesday, working Wednesday and all of next weekend. If I don’t get substantial amounts done over the next few days I’m just not going to get this project done at all.

The concept I’ve gone with is one that emerged very early on in the concept process. My tutors had suggested I go with another concept, elaborating on it by giving people parts of the C4 logo to carry with them, to emphasise 4seven being a TV channel for the people. The issue is I felt this missed a core aim of the ident as outlined by MPA, the studio to set the brief. An ident isn’t so much about selling a product (in this case the concept of 4seven). That’s an advert’s job. An ident is more an expression and extension of the brand.

For example, take the above ident. You’ll probably recognise it, and all it does is place the 4 logo in a setting and make it align for only a moment. We all watch TV to be entertained, to be told a story of some kind, and their idents reflect this by using such drastically varied settings. It implies the idea that stories help us make sense of the world around us, and make things fall into place. This focus on entertainment, storytelling and diversity are the channel’s core brand values. Additionally the slick presentation of it exudes one more core value fundamental to the C4 brand – innovation. They like to push technology and the way they entertain and it’s this concept at the core of 4seven.

So how does my other concept say ‘innovation’? How does it say ‘storytelling’? Without complicating it in some way it doesn’t. My initial concept is focused on how C4 revolutionise TV or ‘the box’. Take this box literally and reinvent and transform it. Tell a story through this transformation, of people playing with this transformation and we have the core values of the brand summed up in a far simpler way.

Copyright Andrew Golden

Copyright Andrew Golden

Instead of taking the Channel 4 logo and putting it into a setting the setting becomes the 4seven logo. So it runs on similar principles to the other idents, but varies drastically in execution. It starts of with the above scene, an apartment block and the character shown in the first image reenacting a classic Romeo & Juliet-esque pose. Additionally I’m hoping to add as much detail to these scenes as I possibly can, keeping in mind if it were a real ident it would be viewed dozens of times in the space of a few hours. There should be plenty to look at, especially when you see the curent C4 or E4 idents, which both have so much activity in them.

I’ll be powering through it all of today and I might post again on our other brief, and where I’ll be on Tuesday. But until then…

Listening to: Heavy Feet by Local Natives


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