Getting Your Brain Full Of Hashtags

Courtesy of Andrew Lyons and Computer Arts

Courtesy of Andrew Lyons and Computer Arts

So I’ve been mulling over more concepts for the 4seven ident. I thought of an idea which suited another student’s initial concept and premise better so thought I’d let them have that one for fear of stealing the aesthetic they initially described.

But I’ve taken my initial idea and pushed it forward firstly. Playing on the old nickname of the TV being ‘the box’ and showing how Channel 4, as a brand, have built a reputation as reinventing ‘the box’ and how we perceive it. Therefor it makes sense to take a literal box and change it and evolve it. It could morph into a ballot box to imply the input of the user, into a television, into a computer filled with comments, tweets and thoughts and eventually the 4seven logo. All of this would be on a cyclical loop to imply the is repeat programming, a repeat of the programming on C4. It would morph into more than just this, but it’d require more storyboarding. This all revolves around the central concept of the 4seven channel in that it is one molded by the users. Hands could come in and squeeze and press the box into new objects to demonstrate user input and the analogise the fact that 4seven is what we, the audience, decide it to be.

The second concept would firstly take the idea that 4seven is a channel ‘for the people, by the people’. The audience as a large collective builds 4seven and without the audience’s input the channel would simply not exist. So then show a massive group of stylised silhouettes constructing what is at first obscured blocks through various means. The final shot would pan out to show the small characters use a TV remote to turn on their ultimate creation, activating 4seven, their innovation, the thing that they own. I’ve attached a nice reference illustration, if you’d care to take a gander!

Courtesy of Miguel Arias

Courtesy of Miguel Arias

Finally a third concept would revolve, once again, around similar themes. We build the 4seven world from our input, it is built from opinions and thrives on them. To reflect the forward-thinking innovation-obsessed personality of the Channel 4 brand a slightly futuristic space theme would be adopted, depicting space scenes typographically, showing a scene made from comments, tweets and real comments of what people have said about the channel. The twist to this idea would be the nature of 4seven would be demonstrated, as people could tweet to 4seven and get their opinion included in the ident, which would fluidly update every few days or weeks. The issue would be I’m not sure how flexible we can be in terms of the technology we use. I just like this idea as it almost acts as a demo to the overall concept of 4seven, and not only pushes the programming to be controlled by the viewer but also the idents. After all, this is a channel made by the viewer.

Those are the concepts anyway. The issue is last time I barely got time to describe one concept, nevermind three, so I’ll need to select something. The one I can substantiate best I guess. I’ll try to explain them in more depth at some point and see what one has the most bulletproof reasoning to it before Monday. Wish me luck!

Listening to: It’s A Lie by Flora


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