Elastic Creative

Courtesy of Elastic Creative

Courtesy of Elastic Creative

Continuing my look at my Design & The Marketplace module my group have decided to focus on Edinburgh-based Elastic Creative for our presentation to the rest of the class. Elastic are a group who have, for the past few years, come to give the 4th years a brief, but it should be good to meet them beforehand, find out what their about and see how they approach design to achieve such characteristic and effective outcomes.

The group started in 2005. Many of the employees of the group started out in large agencies but moved to the more personally Elastic group. The real advantages of moving from a large agency is a more personal relationship with clients and greater flexibility and control over the output of work. Working in a design-house behemoth can leave you lost doing what seems relatively menial work in the grand scheme of a project. For example, I remember seeing a documentary on the prolific animation studio Pixar. One junior animator was featured, and over the course of the science-fiction themed Wall-E they had produced a lamppost. Admittedly it was imaculatly modeled, but to be good enough to get into such a prominent studio only to be left with such a small task… it seems to demonstrate perfectly why the folk at Elastic saw the appeal of a smaller team.

Their studios are relatively central in Edinburgh, meaning the physical space of the studio must be quite an important factor to the company. It reenforces the personal feel the company achieves through its size. Edinburgh itself is assumably one of the better places to be in Scotland for the creative industries anyway.

But next we need to approach Elastic in the first place. It’d be nice to find an innovative and creative means in which to approach them, but I haven’t thought of it yet. Then we’ll need to develop a set of questions. Ultimately I’m interested in why Elastic design, why they do what they do and what it was that compelled them into the industry of branding and marketing. Additionally their skillset seems amazingly broad, so how did they go about deciding how to sell themselves to clients? How do they want to be seen by clients? And additionally how to they approach a brief? I’m particularly eager to see if they’ll offer us any insight into how the develop initial concepts.

But we’ll all be discussing this at the next meeting. In the meantime I just thought I’d offer brief overview of the company and its history. Surprisingly I was added on LinkedIn by Alex Kirby, joint-founder and Managing Director of the company. However he found my profile I’m certainly not complaining! It’s most definitely the kind of company I’d love to be associated with. Unless I manage to say something incredibly offensive when meeting them, which isn’t entirely unlikely! But fingers crossed.

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