First feedback for ident concept

Well, yesterday I had the feedback from a week’s worth of conceptualising my D&AD entry, my 4seven ident.

My concept was to embody 4seven in a box, transforming it to show that the channel is ready  to mould, it is whatever the viewers choose it to be, and to emphasise that 4seven is ever changing. It’s a relatively simple idea, but unfortunately I wasn’t half way through describing it before I was cut off and the idea dismissed. Instead the lecturers very much had their eye on an idea on another mood board, “power to the viewer.”

Courtesy of 4seven and ManVsMachine

Courtesy of 4seven and ManVsMachine

Admittedly it’s the central idea of the channel, I’d written a more political sounding ‘power to the people’ in my sketchbook earlier in the week. But they all said that it would be best if the three of us following the brief would go down this route. They also encouraged a political aesthetic to it, a typical US election razzmatazz feel to the whole thing. The issue then of course is you end up with three identical idents, and I end up working on an idea which isn’t my own and only differs in the execution. I want my idea to be fundamentally unique, to make it stand out in the contest.

I’m not sure if I should push the “4seven Box” idea a little more, when they’re more up for listening, but I’ve been trying to come up with a number of other concepts just in case. One was to take the view “this is our 4seven.” Or even “for the people, by the people.”

My first thought was to represent the people’s opinion, take their comments and tweets and see them rise from a bird’s eye view. This could then morph into a flock of birds which could form the 4seven logo. But not only would this be a total doozie to execute it also doesn’t quite say TV. Nevermind catch-up TV, something Phil and Gordon were adamant we should focus on.

I thought of a couple of concepts that focused on ‘the people’, animating them, personifying them. The first idea was to simply have a small animated team of people build the 4seven, or turn it into view. That might be a little dull in terms visually from an animation point of view, but maybe make it a grand unveiling, them turning on the lights to 4seven with the click of a remote. They could build it out of comments, tweets and other online notifications to give a literal diagram for the channel. It could even take influence once again from the superb folk at Animade, and their work for design blog It’s Nice That.

I like this idea, but nontheless I’m still slightly more in favour of my original idea, a transforming box which can morph into a ballot box, a TV, a computer, a logo… not only is it a superb vessel for other themes. The central premise focuses on the ever changing and adaptable nature of 4seven. It’s a channel that is, in this case literally, moulded by public opinion. And that’s answering both the brief and the lecturer’s take on it. At least I hope so. I’m going to try and track them down sometime soon to get their opinion on the two ideas.

On a side note we’ll be getting a new brief on Thursday, we’ll be meeting with GoodCreative, a design agency with offices in London and Glasgow. Should be exciting! Should be… ¬_¬

Listening to: Natural by Pro Era


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