Watching Batman All Day. Really.

Jan 18th - Tuts

Well, today’s been another relatively quiet day, so I’m guessing it’s the calf before the proverbial storm. And that’s not even counting the more literal snow storm outside the window. I started my ‘Design In The Marketplace’ module today, but I’ll cover that another time.

Meanwhile I’ve been looking at tutorials on After Effects, ones that will hopefully relate to my concept for the D&AD Competition. This one just so happens to focus on the creation for a snazzy little Batman animation. Ive linked to one of them below, but there’s a series to create each character’s animation. It’s all relatively simple animation. However I was thinking of trying to possiblt push it a step further and risking pulling out a little basic 3D. The issue would be I’d need the main object to be 2D and follow camera movement, yet the objects around it should preferably react to camera movement.

It’ll take a little working out, but I’ll hunt down a few more tutorials covering AE’s 3D capabilities and see where I get. Oh god. It sounds like I’m an engineer on the spaceship Enterprise, talking about capabilities. Maybe AE will break and I’ll be able to let out a great ‘SHE CANNAE TAKE IT CAP’N’.

I’m also hoping to use social networking a little more frequently, and by that I don’t mean skive on Facebook more. I mean use Twitter, use LinkedIn and maybe even get a Pinterest account? I’ve heard it’s a thing. For people. Whatever. Anyway, I should  go, I’ll keep you updated.

Here’s a link to the tutorial.

Listening to: Vessel by Jon Hopkins (Four Tet Remix)


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