The Best Ad of 2012

It’s no secret how ruthless and sneaky mainstream television adverts are getting. The GoCompare is the ideal example of this, an advert masquerading under poor construction to actually gain maximum publicity. So for me to see an advert on TV and deem it the best of last year is quite a big statement. Nonetheless this is exactly the title that The Guardian’s commercial merited, as early as February.

The Three Little Pigs in court, awaiting their fate

It’s important to keep in mind for my project simply because of the topics it covers. It’s important to keep in mind more for the themes it covers. Mainly it’s the focus on technology. It’s sees the Guardian try to achieve a similar aim as Channel 4, it puts emphasis on its integration into social media and how we communicate in the 21st century, the age where TV can almost be considered traditional media. It highlights how our communication channels have changed, comments on websites, youtube videos and “traditional media”. Ultimately the 4seven ident would do the same thing, with a lighter  tone to it, but retaining some form of sense of humour.

So here’s the advert itself. It’s a doozie, so enjoy.

Listening to: Le Petit Prince by Cubesato


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