All Vimeo’d Out!

Well, more visual research for the D&AD 4seven brief.

[Courtesy of]

[Courtesy of Takuya Hosogane]

[Courtesy of James Curran]

[Courtesy of Greg Gunn]

I’ve already covered a lot of the thematic concepts involved with the ident, by covering the likes of The Guardian advert and the Sky Atlantic launch campaign. But for the aesthetic and visual execution I turned my sights to Vimeo and searched out some videos I’d seen. One of which is the alternative Tintin opening sequence, made shortly after the latest film’s release. In it a basic circle or sphere shape is transformed into a selection of globes, faces of characters and artifacts from the film.

Similarly the ABC of Architecture transforms each building into another with such quick succession that it becomes fluid and busy and ever changing. This embodies the attitude 4seven want to put across, something ever changing, constantly reacting and changing and morphing its shape. Within these constantly changing shapes you could elaborate on themes like the focus on social media, power to the people, the schedule being in your hands and telling a story, like mentioned previously. How exactly this would be achieved would require careful storyboard work. But it’s a start.

Listening to: Separation by Cloud Nothings


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