Albums Of 2012. 3// Cloud Nothings

Attack On Memory [Released by Wichita]

Cloud Nothings entered into 2012 as the moniker of a solo project for high school aged multi-instrumentalist Dylan Baldi. By the time Attack On Memory dropped the band had transformed completely. The release signaled Cloud Nothings becoming a band. As opposed the self titled sophomore release this was far more fluid, and jam driven than anything put out before it. Baldi wrote two albums worth of perfectly executed punk music prior to this record, but the addition of input from other members allowed him to pay more attention to the details of the album, and the overarching themes and mood of the album, resulting in something radically different from what he would have had time to concentrate on before.

This married with production by the prolific Steve Albini resulted in one of the most raw and abrasive punk albums we’ve seen in years. It all signals a maturing on the Cloud Nothings sound into something defiant, and something that exudes a vitality not seen in teen rock since the 90s and the days of Nirvana. Many comparisons have been made to Nirvana, and it’s a risky comparison to make. It happens to the best of bands. Tallest Man On Earth is the next Dylan, Cloud Nothings are the next Nirvana, One Direction are the next Beatles. It makes you sick sometimes.

But this one isn’t entirely unjustified. For some reason tracks such as No Sentiment and Separation exude this genuine emotion the most because it’s so shocking to see Baldi and his band come through with something so angry, especially on Separation, see this in the form of an instrumental track. Even then this all feels like the start of something much more special. Cloud Nothings next release is scheduled for this summer, so only time will tell if Baldi can keep pushing his band, and himself, in even more dramatic and defiant directions.


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