Dustin Hoffman Talkin’ Stories

Courtesy of Sky

Courtesy of Sky

I was thinking about the D&AD project again and thinking of it in Advertising & Branding terms. I thought about what experience a TV channel ideally delivers, not just Channel 4seven, but all TV broadcasters.

The angle that Sky Atlantic took was obvious in their launch commercial featuring Dustin Hoffman.

Of course this is very much inline with the type of programming on the channel, far more focused on American dramas solely. But what of comedies? And sketch shows? Are they still stories  to be told? And gritty documentaries, are they worlds we really wish to immerse ourselves in? I think it might be the attitude Channel 4 themselves take, as their current idents take the logo and place it in a variety of locations, such as in the country, or in a district of Tokyo or New York and assemble the logo in a brief moment of passing. This use of settings maybe implies a light sense of story being the central aim of a broadcaster, to entertain in the most primal way possible.

If the experience we want to deliver is immersive storytelling then some of my ideas might be headed in the right direction. But I’ll cover those in my next post.

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