D&AD – 4seven ident

Well, it’s back to uni today and it’s looking over D&AD briefs now. We just got vague summaries over the schedule for the semester. We also confirmed what brief we’re doing from the D&AD selection. I chose the motion graphics brief for Channel 4 and their recently released 4seven. The concept of the show is to show the most popular and talked about shows as taken from buzz on social media sites.

channel4 logo for 4seven

It’s a concept with a lot of potential in terms of how I can approach it as an ident or advert. MPC, the design agency proposing the brief alongside Channel 4 underline that this interactive and reactive nature to the channel must be central to the ident itself. Additionally and ident isn’t selling a product or service per say, more just reinforcing the brand. And boy do Channel 4 have a good brand going. Especially when looking at their branch channels like E4 or More 4 it’s obvious to see why they’re industry leaders. E4 even have an almost annual competition, eStings, to give amateur ident makers their chance to have their work aired. This openness to creative input and to their audience does wonders for their image.

For next week we need to produce a moodboard, so I’ll be posting up a few important references over the next couple of days. Stay tuned…

January 14th - 4seven 2


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