Ukrainian Kid’s TV Looks Good!


Here’s the first of the case studies I’m looking at as inspiration to look at for development work for my Channel 4seven project. This is Build‘s idents and channel rebrand for Ukrainian kids TV network “Plus Plus“. They play about with normal everyday footage and insert incredibly simple illustrated characters into these situations. The illustration is central to the entire brand, to emphasise a playful and otherworldly atmosphere within the brand. It hits a balance of not feeling condescending, and being childish and colourful enough to be eye-catching and attention grabbing.

Courtesy of Build & Plus Plus

The juxtaposition of these mad and curious little characters into real situation maybe reflects how children can see the world in a more exciting way, they make games out of whatever they can see. In this way the idents are almost an inspiration to not judge something simply by first appearances and to use imagination. All of this is married with an uncomplicated and colourful aesthetic makes an easily identifiable brand for the channel.

The inclusion of characters is a masterstroke. The minions from Despicable Me display the power little adorable characters can have and what entertainment and humour they can bring to children’s entertainment.

January 14th - Plus Plus

Courtesy of Build and Plus Plus

Listening to: Free The Robots by Capital Steez


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