Millionth Time Lucky – Restaurant Name Decided

Well this Roses brief is killing me a little. The biggest thing has been the name, really. Last post I said I’d set my mind on The Curious Kitchen, but I carried out some research and decided against it. The targeted demographic is 20-35 year olds, a relatively large bracket but I felt like if I was selling an experience it was a social one. Trying this unusual food should be a fun group activity, and so to take full advantage of this restaurant being a social venue I felt the restaurant should be able to double as a bar. For this reason the inclusion of “Cook” or “Kitchen” in the title of the restaurant instantly severs the potential for the restaurant to expand to an evening venue or bar, opening up the brand as a venue for socialising as opposed to eating. Additionally speaking to Gordon today he pointed out that “Curious” isn’t inherently good, and that curious can simply mean peculiar, or odd, which is a negative attitude to the subject matter at hand.

Instead I decided to choose something more abstract. Looking at the great example of Glasgow’s The Bungo. It’s a name that feels memorable, but is relatively abstract. The name relates to the surrounding area, but shortens it, almost nicknaming the area and applying this to its branding. The result is a balance in focus between bar and kitchen, food and social venue, so it would be wise to apply this to my own project.

I had a few attempts to find such a title. One was Broma, taken from the word Bromatology, the study of food. Unfortunately I discovered that this word in Greek means stinky. Sure, I’m not branding a Greek restaurant, but nevertheless, the definition is too much to ignore. After a good twenty concepts or so I’ve settled with Ceno. Ceno is latin for ‘dining’, as if to find scientific classification for a ‘foody’.

Gordon’s now eager to see how this brand would be implemented and also more of the marketing of the restaurant, how it would be launched and how it would promote itself. I’ve taken the attitude of “inquisitive cuisine” to hopefully summarise the underlying theme of discovery and culinary education. And that’s the problem with the module so far, tying it all under a simple concept, to try and sum the whole thing up and keep to one idea instead of expanding on current ideas, elaborating and making them increasingly complex.

So, here’s an attempt to sum up the project:

Ceno is a restaurant which attempts to encourage people to experiment with new food by making trying something new fun and interesting. The brand and campaign are made interesting by a running theme of culinary experimentation, where people learn no only the taste of new dishes but new knowledge about food, sparking curiosity and starting them on the path of becoming ‘foodies’. Furthermore the restaurant will treat itself as more of a social venue, to encourage the experimentation of new food as a fun evening out, and providing a more relaxed atmosphere to the venue.

That seems relatively concise. Though I still don’t want to theme it on a science class, as themed restaurants tend not to be massively popular, but there should be some sort of angle to approach the design from. It’d be relatively loose, just working with the idea of culinary experimentation more than anything else. Science imagery seems like a logical link to this, but we’ll see. The brand could still come out relatively schizophrenic or stitched up. Next I need to mock-up some in-situ brand examples, such as exterior shots, signage, maybe even some menus.

After that I’m aiming to work on the marketing campaign, a newspaper campaign focused on incomplete facts to draw the inquisitive nature from people and make the campaign into a fun type of game. At least that part of the concept is relatively simple to sum up! But back to work for me now. Realising this is a pretty muddled blog, but here’s the living proof that my blog is my best sketchbook.

Listening to: Gathering Storm by Godspeed You! Black Emperor


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