Alfred Hitchcock + Procrastination = Prizes

Just thought I’d blog about this too, cus I haven’t abused social networking with it enough, but thought I’d show off my entry for LittleWhiteLies sketchathon competition. They posted up requesting for entries depicting Alfred Hitchcock in black and white, and so here he is. I thought I might as well enter, seeing my minor Saul Bass obsession is in some way relevant here. Took almost the full hour to do, but I won the epic boxset of Hitchcock films and a nice wee print too, so was pretty damn worth it! Not sure if it goes in the next issue, but either way, pure well chuffed likes.

Additionally feedback over Twitter from the folk at LWLies themselves said:

Main judge and LWLies art director @willostrator called it a “fine, balanced piece of work, ” which he would “run in the magazine any day”.

Listening to: Go Alien by Oh No! Yoko


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