These newspapers make me mighty jealous…

Well, the magazine project is over now, relatively. I haven’t posted up the final results, only some work-in-progress pages, but I’ll be sure to post up something more substantial when I get the chance to. After a slightly lazy reading week it’s back into the deep end at uni, and all the briefs have finally been piled back on (though I missed my lecture this morning due to unforeseen circumstances, so that’s a brief I have no idea about yet). But what to cover first? Might as well be the next editorial design module: newspaper design.

I’ve been doing some pretty extensive research into the whole thing and I’ve decided that I’m going to do something totally against my character (sarcasm) and do a 50s themed layout. Originally the newspaper was going to be entirely 50s themed, a publication based around 50s design and culture, but I felt this was too specific and the more digging and reading and researching into the field I did the more I reaslised that there was barely enough information for one issue of a newspaper, nevermind a whole series. So it’s now a special 50s issue of a regular publication.

I’ve gone with the name inSight. I feel like it works on a few levels, it feels interesting yet formal enough to be a convincing enough name of a respected publication. I’m not 100% sure on how to brand it and how much I  should stick to 50s resources such as typefaces or if I should branch out a fair bit. If I was to stick to the 50s theme then Univers for body text and maybe a slab serif font for the header? Or possibly go supremely Swiss on the whole project and slap Helvetica on everything. My worry then is that the newspaper identity will have no personality to it.

To match the 50s theme I’m going for an aesthetic full of very primary and  secondary spot colours. I’m thinking of maybe even going for yellow, to avoid the cliché of Saul Bass orange always associated with the 50s. Don’t get me wrong, Saul Bass is one of my all-time favourite designers, but he’s got a lot of cheap imitators which I’d like to separate  this publication from. I’m not entirely sure on what direction to go for still, maybe even a Josef Muller-Brockmann influence would go down well.

Additionally I’ve been sourcing a lot of content for the newspaper, choosing subject matters that are relevant. One page is the opening page, relatively loose in terms of topic, the second is a biographical page on a designer or art movement, which is so far either 1950s animation movement or Paul Rand. The latter would probably sit better with the tutors though. Finally the third is choosing a letter and making an index of design or culture topics relating to that one letter. After far too much deliberation I chose M. Under this category I’m going to cover topics pertinent to the 1950s such as:

Muller-Brockmann, Josef

Monospaced Type

Mad Men
(set in the 50s)


Microgramma Typeface

Max Meidinger (the designer of Helvetica)

It’s a good list of topics, and all ties into 50s design specifically, but was a bitch to track down, so hopefully it  won’t be too impossible to produce images to fill the page of a high enough quality. If not I can always drum up relatively rough illustrations to fill the gaps. The only thing I’m concerned with is filling the page completely and making it seem tidy and additionally making this thing feel like a convincing broadsheet newspaper. But I’ll work on it all today. Wait and see. I’ll keep you updated. Like a newspaper. And stuff.
Listeing to: Cirella by Mean


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