Gig Poster Prints For Sale

Well, this is ‘reading week’, a full 7 days off of lectures and free from tutors in which we catch up with what projects we’re behind on. So, wisely, I have spent the last three days doing nothing at all. That would imply I’m not behind on any projects, and it would be lovely to say that, but that’d just be a sick lie. I’ve finished my magazine layout, but am yet to print it out for presenting on Monday, as a finished piece. That’ll be our final feedback before the Christmas submission. And motion graphics? Oh dear. It’s my favourite module but I am very much behind at the moment. I’m filming on Friday. I was hoping to film on Monday but the photography studio’s not been available other days this week, so it’s  going to be a tight squeeze to fit everything into the weekend in terms of editing. I have until Tuesday to get it done and I’m still unsure of if the entire thing is looking the way I wanted it to look in my head, whether the pixel art is mixing with the live-action at all. But all that can be covered in a future blog post. In the meantime…

When I say I haven’t done anything so far this week I mean it relatively loosely. This is what I’ve done this week, more of a fun thing than anything else. It’s for Boy Condor (duh), my band and a gig we have coming up on Monday 12th of November with the fantastic Canadian quartet Oh No! Yoko. It’s a gig I’m really excited for, as it’s not only the first gig we’ve had with a band that we suit stylistically but it’s also the first gig we’ll be playing where there’ll be an actual merch desk. And so it’d be nice to have something to sell on at that merch desk, don’t you think? Alongside our more professional headline act.

We’re also the lead support act, above the fantastic Panda Trap, which feels like a great opportunity for a good audience to sell to as well. It’s a good idea to make a poster with every act’s name on too, we’ll convince more fans into purchasing that way I feel. Though despite these fantastic support acts the tone of the poster had to match the headline act, which conveniently enough my typical 50s influenced illustrations fit perfectly with. They have a pretty light, bouncy indie pop feel, very much like Tubelord. But better than Tubelord, in all honesty. So this playful attitude, along with the humour embodied in the band’s name felt like a style guide for the poster itself. I started doing doodles of little characters for the viewer to attach themselves to, a little protagonist. The penguin came from this, somewhere. Not much intellectual rigor to this poster frankly, but it’s not meant to be bullet-proof, as it’s a casual piece, with nobody to answer to, which is a rare design brief.

I was inspired by the posters and illustrations from places like Poster Roast. Of course the illustrators attached and associated with such sites are of a pretty terrifyingly high calibre, but this is just further development on my own illustration style, and practice converting hand-drawn materials onto screen, a pretty important skill to retain. It happened a surprising amount last year, but this year sketching is merely planning, as opposed to basis for the finished product.

I went through a few iterations of this, one of which included a close-up of the penguin’s bedroom, filled with snow-globe, snowboard and hat-stand adorned with bowler hat. But it looked too muddled, so a change of perspective was necessary. I have a thing for images of windows for some reason, like a real-life composition, a small segment of what is inside, being allowed to look inside… I dunno. I’m rambling, but I’m allowed to. Reading week. Personal project. Right? Next post it’ll be back to work though. Oh. And come to the gig. Really. Do. Or. Else.

Listening to: Buki Bag by Oh No! Yoko


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