Cardboard Box Robots – The Best Of

I’m currently working on Phil’s module, the motion graphics project where we need to rebrand a TV channel and produce an ident for it. I’m in the process of preparing my live-action footage to mix with my animated elements. I need three things – a superhero, a zombie and a robot. Here’s the research for that last componant, a miniature moodboard. I was gonna go for a pretty stereotypical box robot like the fine specimin in the central top image but I found the top right photo and it just appealed to me. It feels really oddly spooky, similar to the vibe I’d get from classic android villains in retro 50s films, like Klaatu in The Day The Earth Stood Still. It’s something abouta photo from the 50s of a couple of perfectly innocent halloween costumes, but it makes particularly good reference as it has similar shooting effects and tone to what I’ll be aiming for with the live-action on this ident.

But we’ll see how it goes, construction on the robot will start tonight, then onto more of Gordon’s brief. Oof.

Listening to: Sleep Dealer by Oneohtrix Point Never


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