Skating Magazine – Looking Fly!

Kids still use ‘fly’, right? ‘Gnarly’? ‘Bodacious’?

You might remember I went down to Dudhope park to take some photos of these ‘kids’ not too long ago, and I showed off a lot of the photos I took for my type module a few weeks ago. I’d love to show a more gentle progress curve on here, but I have another blog to keep up to date with and project deadlines are much tighter than at Abertay, so it’s difficult.

But I’ve produced my magazine and done a few iterations of the design now. For the final outcome we’re required to submit a recto introductory page, a centre spread and a verso finishing page, plus a contents page. The very first version is shown above and on the cover photo, which was without a contents page. I’ve had a lot of comments on the colour scheme (Lisa, I’m looking at you dangit), the lecturer commenting on it saying he felt it was too flamboyant and girly. The aim was to embrace a neon bright punk feel, more Buzzcocks than Barbie, though it probably didn’t translate perfectly with such a serious and corporate Sans Serif (in this case Avenir). The other issue was the abuse of black. It made for an overbearingly dark article, which was just a bit too oppressive overall. It also made small text wither away to an almost illegible mess under such heavy use of ink, so it was practical to use so extensively.

I’ve worked on another 2 iterations since the first presentation where I displayed this design. The reiterated cover is just above, relatively similar to the original, but with nicer use of colour, body type and graphics (once again, thanks to the ladyfriend for the suggestion there, damn her for being better at graphics).

But the biggest changes have come to the centre spread, which in every iteration has shifted drastically. I’ll show off the centre spreads later, but arranging two pages to flow together nicely is difficult, especially arranging the photos and other elements in such a way to disrupt the grid yet align comfortably. Like so many projects this year its a very delicate balancing act between conforming to legibility and an easy read, and experimenting and having an unconventional and unusual layout. This element of challenge has resulted in this module being the most informative since leaving Abertay and has filled in the gaps in my skills I hope it would. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not type expert, far from it, but I feel a hell of a lot more confident already. But we’ll see how the newest iteration of the layout goes down before getting too proud of the whole magazine. Final crits are next week, so effectively a lot of projects are all coming to a close over the next 7 days. It’s going to be a hectic one, particularly in packaging, which I’ll cover next time. In the meantime…

Listening to: Jazz by A Tribe Called Quest


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