Wizard Of Oz Project

Well, I’ve finally started to put my packaging into the design process. I’ve been playing with concepts a lot over the past two weeks and it’s time to stop thinking about the shape of the packaging and get stuff on paper, get stuff printed, in the hope of getting some form of very basic mock-up or finished visual for next Friday to show to Gordon.

To remind you I’m working on a packaging project where you must select a product that ties in to a famous creative and then package it appropriately. My creative was the actress Judy Garland, most famous for her role in The Wizard Of Oz. I’ve decided to produce packaging for red curtains. I selected curtains because in The Wizard of Oz the wizard uses curtains to hide himself, and manipulate and glorify his appearance. Similarly throughout Garland’s career her appearance was manipulated on-screen, as the studio she was signed to, Metro Goldwyn Mayer, found issue with her looks. The studio chief often referred to her as ‘his little hunchback’. The curtains also hail to Garland’s early and later life focused on the stage, red curtains representing stage curtains, and also the red of the shoes Dorothy wears to protect her on her journey.

The packaging itself is going to fold out to show a stage, as if the consumer is pulling up the curtain on the scene portrayed, one that will hopefully be a mix of Garland’s films. The inserts that help the curtains hold their shape will also have cut-out props and characters (possibly, depending on how much time I have). It doesn’t sound like a fantastically exciting concept when I put it down here, but Gordon doesn’t seem to have a particular problem with it, so we’ll see how it goes.

I’m also trying to make it an art deco piece, due to the era in which Garland found her greatest success. Also it suits the portrayal of something like the Emerald City in the furthest back backdrop of the stage scene the packaging will convey. Art Deco is a fickle thing, and seems to change definition dependent on who you ask, but generally I’m aiming for simplistic, geometric yet exaggerated form and an airbrushed method of shading. It might end up being time-consuming, but I’ll just power through it over a few nights.
Listening to: FromdaTomb$ by Joey Badass


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