8-bit Fans – I NEED YOU!

Well, it’s back to covering that motion graphics module I mentioned. Last time I posted about it I mentioned I was stuck between making a more unisex baking channel and a more unisex science fiction channel. I went with the latter ultimately, but it’s transformed pretty considerably since then. I decided that perhaps the best way to diversify the genre which the science fiction channel could encapsulate was not to look at it as a science fiction channel at all, but a geek channel.

So, see below the proposed logo for the TV channel “Nerd Fiction”, which covers more genres and is more gender friendly than previous branding of ‘science fiction’, it feels a little more general whilst still retaining character to the channel. I’ve written up a couple of storyboards, the first of which was very science fiction focused. I liked it, and it was more photographic like I had initially aimed for, but it didn’t echo my rebrand at all. So, in response to the rebrand I did a new storyboard, which is why I’m asking for help from 8-bit fans.

It’s funny that as soon as I get out of Abertay I’m doing a project which harks back to the heritage of video games more strongly than ever before, but I guess it’s a matter of rebelling against the other stuff you see around you. If I’d done it at Abertay it would have felt typical and lost in a crowd of similar projects. Here it feels fresher, so I guess it’s a matter of context.

Anyway. I’m intending of having my TV channel sting focusing on this small sprite character. I won’t describe the storyboard to you, but I basically need to make a sprite, animate a couple of frames (as 8-bit animation is far from lush in most circumstances) and then find an astronaut costume and somebody who can dress up as a zombie, relatively convincingly. Anyone able to help out? If so let me know by e-mailing, facebook-ing or tweeting me.

Listening to: Viridian Forrest (Pokémon Dubstep by Stephen Walking


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