I’m a sk8r dood

I’ve not mentioned my magazine project yet. I will now. Splendid.

We have a type module that we take with the head of the department, Gary, and this first 5-week project focuses on editorial design. We’re to design a 4 page article layout, complete with opening recto page (HAH, recto). We’re also to drum up a contents page, which could prove a touch more tricky. There were a total of four themes we could choose from, to centre our magazine’s articles, layouts and photography around: Carbon Footprints, McManus Galleries, Urban Decay/Renewal or Urban Greenery/City Parks. I’ve opted for the latter two, as they’re open but not so much that I’m clueless as to what to make.

Another key element to the project is generating your own imagery, taking photos or something similar, to maintain the entire design being your own creation. Last week I went on a mad photography spree, going up to the Law, to Dundee College, and to Dudhope Skatepark on two separate occasions (a lot of walking and possibly some complaining was involved). But here are a couple examples of the results. I’m thinking I’ll take the nighttime shots from the skatepark, convert them to a blue duotone, to emphasise the coldness of the environment at the time, and the determination of the skaters and bikers to be there. But I’m yet to think of actual layouts…
time to work on that now I guess!

Listening to: Wildest Moments by Jessie Ware


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