Like greeting an old friend…

Well, it’s almost back into term-time, so I feel as if it’s time to start my weekly or bi-weekly blogging habit again, to try and retain a web presence of some sort and help collect my thoughts on what projects I’m working on.
Last Friday was my last day at Creative Graffix. I’ve been working full-time there all summer, Monday-Friday, 9-5 (though that’s implied from the whole “full time” thing I mentioned). I felt bad for leaving Russell and Carol, the two designers there, alone to deal with the workload that had stacked up over summer. Hopefully I had an effect whilst I was there and did actually help out. Also my first billboard has come down now unfortunately. All good things must come to an end.

In this white space between finishing work and starting my course I get a little bit of a holiday. Well, I say holiday, there’s still loads to do. Such as this…

On my last week at work I designed the covers for the DVDs and printed them. I got about 180 inserts printed, so we’ll probably look into getting a relative amount of DVDs duplicated. Before that though I have the arduous task of having to figure out how to implement audio commentary, I have to structure and design menu layouts and scene selection too. Well, this will be fun…

But in the meantime here’s one of three front covers you’ll be able to choose from. Oh, and my website rebrand is basically done, it just needs implemented. I need a calendar…

Also I’ve been royally addicted to this lil’ gem. Take a listen.
Listening to: That’s Us/Wild Combination by Arthur Russell


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