I made a billboard

Well, I’ve been cooped up all summer, busy actually making a living, going to work. 7 days a week, so it’s heavy going stuff! But here’s the pay-off, the big thing I’ve been stressing out about all summer, but it’s finally up – the Creative Graffix billboard.

I did the whole thing from start to finish, save a small alteration to text and details at the end of the process. It’s amazing to see my work in a real-world printed context on such a gigantic scale. And the feedback on it has been pretty nice actually. It really stands out too, compared to the other posters up there at the moment. I kind of wanted to get a photo of them putting the billboard up, it’d be like poster-ception, men plastering up a billboard  of men plastering up a billboard. But they work fast… genuinely, the Creative Graffix manager went past it in the morning before it was up, then passed that spot again at lunchtime to find the design all posted up there, all gigantic and proud.

It’s an amazing piece to add to my portfolio, however the only thing is that it’s frustratingly hard to get a good photograph of. I’m tempted to ask somebody else for help on taking a photo, but it’d have to be somebody who really knew what they were doing. I dunno, maybe this will suffice for portfolio purposes. Cus god knows this’ll be in there for a while to come…
Listening to: Isle Of The Cheetah by Hum


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