Sorry blog, I’ll never leave you again…

Well, it’s been way too long since I’ve touched this poor, neglected blog, but trust me, it’s cus there’s something much nicer and newer on the way. I’m just working on my entire online portfolio to be centred more around me as an individual, as opposed to the alias of Lullaby Sirens. I’ll not give any sneak peaks, just show you all once it’s all done and online. It might have a nicer impact that way…

But what’ve I been up to since finishing university? Well, frankly not all that much. Especially the last couple of days. But I guess you have to take a break sometimes, right? Below is an example of some work I’ve did whilst at Creative Graffix.

This was effectively a brand exercise, for local establishment “The Ferry Inn”, and their in-house tapas bar. They already had branding on the outside of the building, similar to this, but the design needed refining. The client particularly requested an overhaul in the use of typography compared to their current branding. Type is something I’ve been researching a lot into recently, and I ended up going for Didot for the main text and Helvetica for the details.

It turned out really nice, and had an accompanying gift voucher, utilising the same branding style. The client was apparently very pleased with the end result, and that’s frankly all I can ask for. It’s kind of nice to be working for people again.

I’ve got work again tomorrow, so we’ll see how that goes. There’s potential for a big design job there as well, so I’d better get back to concepts and such for that.

Listening to:

Accordian by Madvillain


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