My grades + new blog under construction

Well, it’s finally time to say goodbye to Abertay. It’s been an amazing 3 years, and so much has changed in that time, but it’s time to move on, as next semester I’ll be at Duncan of Jordanstone. Crazy… and what’s even more crazy, as the more observant blog viewer will realise, is that after 3 years I now have a degree from Abertay. So, question is, what calibre of degree? Well, it’s not with honours, so it’s nothing too special, but I’m pleased with the grades backing it. Yeah, all that work I’ve been showing you over the past year has been graded finally, and results handed back. So. What are they? Wouldn’t you like to know…

Okay, fine. I actually got an A for all of my modules except one, Digital Media Practice. I was kind of disapointed with Digital Media Practice, as I was only one point off an A, and I was pleased with the showreel I produced, but it’s all down to so much more than that.

Moving on universities also means I’ll be moving on blogs. That’s right, after a good two year’s worth of solid blogging Lullaby Sirens is coming to an end. I’ll be transferring all of these posts to my new blog though. I just figured that I might as well rebrand my portfolio and blog to reflect me. So that people remember my name and want to contact it, if they need any design work done. That’s the hope anyway.

As for research into my own personal rebrand I’ve been looking just at how I can use my name. Below is a couple of images of relevance, but I don’t want to give too much away. As per usual. I’m such a design tease.

[Courtesy of]

[Courtesy of Adobe]

[Courtesy of Tony Pritchard]

I’m also considering making my blog a lot more structured. So a blog post on every Saturday, and maybe just a photo every Wednesday? Might be nice to get some structure on the go. This might be a good idea to keep the blog posts nice and consistent, and the past couple of weeks I’ve been neglecting this blog a bit, and this ain’t a habit I want to drop. But we’ll wait and see how I get along with that.

Listening to:

Leave It by Bombay Bicycle Club



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