Blog neglect means busy times!

Well, it’s been a full week since I updated this blog. Which doesn’t exactly happen often. For one I guess I want to keep it nice and clean, as it’s part of my online professional identity which I submitted as part of my Digital Media Practice coursework submission. That and it’s been a busy week. And this next one ain’t looking any quieter!

[Courtesy of Creative Graffix]

And there’s the reason. Creative Graffix, a local print and design firm, is a place I applied to about a month and a half ago. I tweeted them and they seemed interested in my portfolio, but I foolishly waited too long to send in a CV. Luckily I stayed in touch with the folks there and they got back in touch at the start of last week to say they might have a bit of work still going. I’ve worked there on Thursday, the latter part of Friday, today and I’ll be there again tomorrow. And apparently I’m the person they’ll call if they need anymore help, which is a reassuring thing.

This is an insanely good opportunity to try my hand at designing to deadlines within a professional environment, and I’ve already learnt a hell of a lot about print and how different it can be designing for print. It’s my first little bit of work experience, and hopefully it’s going to look kick-ass on a CV too. But working there and trying to catch up with folk has meant my summer projects are all on hold for now. I have a list of them on the wall I want to work through, so we’ll see if I can find time at the weekend to power through some pokemon illustration…

Listening to:

More Room by Luke Abbott


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