I’m illustrating again… this can’t end well…

Well, as most of my submissions are in as of today I’ve started to work on a couple of new, relatively short term projects to keep me amused before summer kicks off in ernest. First off is an illustration project I’ll be working on, helping out my girlfriend, the talented Lisa Jeffrey Crone, with her summer idea.

I don’t want to give away too much, but I’m effectively drawing Pokémon. Well, that gave away most of it, oh well. But it’s a fun wee break from the massive projects I’ve been chipping away at in uni for the past entire semester. I’ve been looking in all the classic places for inspiration, and for the piece I’m currently working on I’m effectively ripping off this lovely design from Threadless.

[Courtesy of Threadless.com]

I’m trying to think on how to put my own twist on it, but it’s using more of a moiré effect than above, and will hopefully be rendered in my usual awkwardly geometric style that I managed to develop this year. I want there to maybe be more detail than on here, as seeing as this illustration won’t be printed then I won’t need to worry about being limited by colour palette.

[Courtesy of Threadless.com]

This image makes for a nice reference point for that issue. It’s another illustration from Threadless, which has really turned into a fantastic source of inspiration for illustration in general over recent years. The above picture just seems like a nice mixture of minimal vector graphics that’re softened up by use of textures. I’ll post up another illustrator sometime soon who takes the akward, blocky, geometric look, applies these principles and gets some amazing results. I’ve been recommended the guy’s stuff so often I think it’s worth posting on here.

Finally I may be betraying my poor old wordpress soon, and Lullaby Sirens in general. I might be trying to rebrand soon, and just stick with my name as a ‘brand’, as it’s visual and memorable enough to use anyhow. But we’ll see, the first step would be shifting all these posts over to Tumblr. The layouts are generally a lot nicer on there, and allow for a lot more customisation. But until then…

Listening to: No Future/No Past by Cloud Nothings


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