How much would you pay for 12 pages?

Well, I handed in the majority of my Personal Project deliverables in today. All the concept sketches, illustrations, animations and cutscenes all compiled onto a single DVD, and now on their way to the lecturers. Eek. Next Friday we present to the client finally, and show everyone the result of this year’s most time-consumin project. Aside from that I still have to submit an essay (which I’ve already written) and project presentations. And then I’m free!

To do what? Well, sleep for one. And eat ludicrous ammounts. But there’s only so much time that can consume. Almost all of my time to be honest, but not all. So between waking and stuffing my face what have I got planned?

Well, I have one main summer project I’m wanting to work on, and that’s designing a miniature magazine. A few months ago I found a website calledThe Newspaper Club, a really fantastic resource which allows people to have their own designed magazines printed in small quantities. If you want you could do a single printing of a design, for something like a portfolio (which is tempting). I’m instead aiming for a 12-page issue, as it strikes a balance between reasonable price and reasonable space for content.

However, I’ve been over prices, and I’m not really sure it’d be entirely feasible. For 12 pages (front and back covers included) the cheapest I could get each issue down to would be £1.63. Would people be willing to pay that much for such a small magazine? Especially with the advent of something like I, the compact newspaper released last year by The Independent.

Courtesy of I & The Independent

If I can’t get it printed what do I do then? Well, it might be worth looking into the directions that other smaller publications have taken due to the decline of print. There’s plenty of resources for digital magazine production, but I want this project to have a definite start and end point. A single issue and that’s it.

So we’ll see. What do you think? Would you pay that for a 12 page magazine?

Listening to: Fanshawe by El Ten Eleven


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